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  • September 19: Well, we solved the issues with our Oval Beetle. The problem proved to be a wheel bolt that was just a little bit too long. Of course, we also checked the wheel brake cilinder that is now fully functional again!
  • August 29: At a recent cruise, the front end of our Oval started te make more noise suddenly. Just before, the right front brakes seemed to work less good, so we stopped to check it out. Nothing to notice apart from some play on the king and linked pins. The noise however got louder and louder, so we went home. I removed the alloy Sprintstar wheel which revealed some alloy debris strangely. The bearings, brakedrum and shoes are all ok. Hmmm, strange. Will need some more time to find out what’s wrong…
  • July 12: We decided to create a completely new page for the English VWeetjes (Tech Tips & Tricks). A couple of Tech Tips are already available in English, others will follow gradually!
  • June 15: New VWeetje online. From now on we will put these online in both Dutch and English!
  • May 29: This weekend we were at the ‘Oldtimer Festival Balkbrug‘. A local oldtimer event for cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, et cetera. So pretty much everything that’s old or very old. Like a 1 million Euro Bugatti from 1933!
  • May 10: We introduced a completely new section on our website called ‘Previous Cars‘. With information and photos off our previously owned cars. For a look at our ‘past’, go here!
  • April 14: It´s been a while since we updated. Our cars are ready for the new season again and we are working on new VWeetjes, the tips & tricks section of our website. Just come back soon to stay tuned!


  • September 7: During the summer holidays in Sweden, we were not too far from the famous “Töcksfors Car Cemetry”. So we went there of course. An amazing sight, lots of classics dumped like waste in the woods. Not an uncommon thing in Sweden though as we noticed during the trips we made. A lot of beetles were ovals and quite some split busses were pickups!
  • August 20: Last weekend was of course spend at the 50 years Karmann Ghia Type 34 anniversary event in Georgsmarienhütte. Our Karmann was there all weekend. It was very rainy from time to time, but incredibly nice to see all these Ghia’s! Not too many Dutch Ghia’s present though?!


  • September 26: Did some minor work on my Oval yesterday: checked the heating, fitted a fuel filter and cleaned the carburator as it was not running that smooth lately.
  • August 1: VW Bug Show @ Spa Francorchamps photos are online. Go to our meetings page and click through to BUG SHOW 2010.
  • July 1: Budel pictures are online. Go to our meetings page and click through to BUDEL 2010.
  • January 23: Shot some nice photos recently in the snow, click here.


  • August 3: We were at Le Bug Show at Spa Francorchamps this weekend. This remains to be our favourite event!!
  • July 7: Reintroduced the meetings page.
  • June 29: We spend our weekend in Hessisch Oldendorf. What an amazing meeting! We had a great time, especially because both our girls came along too for the first time since long.
  • June 22: Went to Budel on Sunday. Quite a different weather compared to last year’s edition!
  • May 17: We went to the 25th Anniversary of the Dutch Beetle Club (KCN) at De Gouden Ham in Appeltern yesterday. Nice location, but the event was not that sparkling.
  • April 14: Sign up here for Aircooled Chill Out – De Brink 2009 on May 3 in Deventer!
  • March 29: At the last Aircooled Chill Out, many visitors didn’t recognise my car because of my new Sprintstars!
  • March 1: Fitted the new wheels to our Oval Window Beetle. I really like the looks: colour wise, but also the stance!
  • February 21: Had new tyres fitted to my 2009 season wheels. Next weekend I will put them under the Oval.
  • February 11: We have moved our website! From now on, you’ll find us at!
  • January 4: Went to the “Kever Winterfestijn” (KWF) yesterday and bought some stuff for the 2009 season. For my Oval we also bought a set of wheels.

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