’54 Oval Deluxe

DSC02108A lot of people ask me “What does the Motormännen logo on your car mean?” Well, in search for ideas to personalise my Oval a bit more, I liked the old company logos on the Transporters. That inspired me to look for an historic logo of a Swedish company (my Oval is from Sweden). A couple of companies crossed my mind like Scania – Vabis, Husqvarna and Sandvik, but their colours did not really match my ideas. Then I came across the logo of the Swedish Automobile Association: ‘Motormännens Riksförbund’ (www.motormannen.se). Their logo was not too big and the red colour perfectly matches the colour of the car and the Sprintstar wheels. I added a personal touch by integrating the town the Oval came from – Halmstad – and painted it by hand on the doors and side panels!

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